02 October 2013


I danced from pre-school through high school. When I was in middle school and high school I danced in a local company. Meaning, I was at the studio 4-5 days a week in classes or rehearsals. I loved to dance. It was the only sport I was even slightly good at. I got used to wearing tights and a leotard practically every day! 

Every so often I go through a phase where I miss dance so much. It was a huge part of my life for so many years. And I know how tough it is to be a good dancer. I was no star, but I worked hard and I appreciate when I see amazing talent and also great choreography.

Watching the following videos makes me miss dance all over again. A variety of dance styles, all really fun to watch and admire. I just thought I would share them for your enjoyment. 

1. Off the Rails, 
Choreography by Kate Joblonski
I love the musicality and movements in this number. It's so different, and I appreciate that creativity.
Click HERE 

2. Sweet Dreams, From So You Think You Can Dance
I used to love watching this show. (Now I don't have cable so I cannot watch it) The raw talent out there is amazing. And this number is so creative with the prop.
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3. Swing Time, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
You cannot beat the classic and classy dances of these two. And I am a sucker for tap, because that is what I was best at.
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4. Moses Supposes, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor
The comedy mixed with tap makes this one so much fun. I can't stop smiling as I watch them.
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5. Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson
No matter what you think of Michael, his early days were so much fun and he could dance.

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