14 October 2013

Pumpkin Patching

I am not sure if pumpkin patching is a real term, but we will just go with it. We weren't patching any pumpkins, but we were letting Ellie (my niece) experience pumpkins for the first time! It's fun to watch her observe and touch the pumpkins. She's all about textures these days.
Ellie picked out her own pumpkin. This one, she said, is the most perfect little pumpkin I have ever seen! It's the perfect size for me! (Okay, Ellie didn't say all that, but she approved of the little pumpkin and took it home with her)
It was just fun to do something Fall-ish this weekend with some family! It wasn't blazing hot, so that was nice, but it still isn't chilly. 

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