05 June 2014


I might have grown up in the latter part of the 80's, but I was too young to appreciate the music of the 80's. Ask me about 80's music and I will look at you, clueless. The 90's was my decade. Especially when I got to the age where I went to youth group and discovered even more. My family went to so many concerts. It was a blast. 

I had way to much fun searching through these old songs. I definitely stayed up late a few nights just watching You Tube and bringing back memories of those jolly days as a youngster. 
But these songs and music videos were my favourites back in the day. Are the 90's eligible yet to qualify as "back in the day"? It is crazy to me that kids these days have never used cassette tapes and probably never use CDs. Also, looking at this list I made, it doesn't seem that I listened to many female singers! If you want some 90's entertainment, click on each group and song listed below.

Smalltown Poets - There is Only You

Reality Check - Masquerade

Jars of Clay - Crazy Times

Newsboys - Entertaining Angels

Delirious? - Deeper

AVB - U R Not Alone

Acappella  - I Feel Good

DC Talk - My Friend (So Long)

Burlap To Cashmere - Eileen's Song

The Echoing Green - The Power Cosmic

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