20 June 2014

Dreamy English Scenes

My dreamy Summer scenes look like England. Rolling hills and fields of green grass and flowers blooming. Sunshine and white clouds. Strawberries and cream. Apples and custard. Sheep and pastures. Long walks and picnics. Tea and scones. Windows open and a soft breeze. Old books and being outside to read.

I have been daydreaming a lot about England, as usual. The English way is my natural way, so I long for it like I long for the comfort of my own home.

I am taking myself back. I hope you don't mind.

Picture yourself stepping into one of these scenes from Oxford. Peaceful thoughts illuminate your mind as the sounds and sights of nature engage your senses. You walked here, so you know the paths you crossed to get here. You meandered down some narrow roads and passed many other people walking or on bicycles.

And now you are here. The sun is shining, but not burning hot. The shade is cool. The air is bursting with a sweetness not just from blooming flowers, but from the quality of the old. England feels aged, and in the best of ways. It is well-established. It holds centuries of history. It is beauty that has been there for ages, and now you get to experience it, too.

After walking for a while you find a place to sit, or to stand in one spot for a little bit. You are really paying attention to the elements of your surroundings and if you are me, you jot a few notes in your journal. You take several photos. You listen, you look around, you breathe deep the clean air.

Then you notice something in you.
Something like joy. You notice how your muscles are relaxed and your mind is uncluttered. Your soul is filled and a soft smile is on your face. Anxious feelings about life seem dim when flowers are surrounding your feet.

And you know this place is special. It displays the beauty of God's creation to a whole new level. Something almost beyond what you could think is real. Doesn't this kind of beauty only happen in books and stories? These are the kinds of dreamy scenes that are refilling my mind until I step foot back in England again.

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