16 June 2014

Simple Days

 Fresh flowers have been my weekly indulgence. 
 When I went to Oxford Exchange last weekend I bought some locally roasted coffee beans from Buddy Brew and I finally got to grind some beans and brew some coffee. Drinking such delicious, freshly roasted coffee only attributes to my inclination to be even more of a coffee-snob. This is some good coffee. Smooth and tangy.
 Rain Rain Rain....each day has contained a cycle of rainstorms coming through and clearing up only to have another rainstorm come though an hour later. I wasn't complaining. It was the perfect accompaniment to my reading on the sofa.
Kashi frozen pizza and lime sparkling water one night. I live a wild life, I tell you.

I had a pretty low-key weekend, which was much enjoyed. Other than running errands around town and visiting at my brother and sis-in-law's house, I stuck around my home and worked on some things I needed to do.

You know sometimes you just need some time to recharge and not have a lot on the agenda. In the heat of the Summer that we are in, I just cannot handle being outside for more than a few minutes, so I think of things I can do inside. We had so much rain anyway (which is actually such a wonderful thing because it cools the air quite a lot), it was perfect for staying inside making cups of tea and reading an entire book. Simple pleasures. Simple days.

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