13 June 2014

Atmospheric Rain

Raindrops scatter as they hit the glass
window, as if ready to pass
one another to win a race.
A chase from the top of the sky,
I sigh as a response
to this atmospheric moment,
full of tidbits racing, running, rolling;
downward, dripping, dribbling, dropping;
toppling through sun-shaded grey space
underneath a blanket of grace,
Where we can always rest and know that He
loves lavishly upon an undeservé
d you and me.

You might be thinking- gosh this girl talks about rain a lot. Well, with all the talking about the lack of rain we have had as of late, I am now eating my words because we have had several days of stormy, rainy days.

And I am delighted. Isn't it the best? Just sitting here tonight listening to it fall and hit the glass windows inspired this little poem. The words flowed out in a way that reminded me of reading Gerard Manley Hopkins, a favourite poet of mine. Not that I am comparing myself to his great poetry, though. It has been a quiet evening enhanced by the syncopated beat of raindrops with the occasional rumble echoing through the sky. What that brings is a soothing, restful atmosphere, conducive to reading and falling asleep.

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