28 June 2014

Road Trip Ready

Road trips.
Does that invoke something adventurous in you?
It does for me. There's so much possibility out there when you step outside your door.

Today is road trip day. We are hitting the pavement, loading the car, and leaving Florida in the dust to welcome the lovely North Carolina mountain air. It's not that far from home and yet it feels a world away.

The road trip is part of the adventure. I love watching the changing landscapes glide by from the car. I love daydreaming as the road rolls underneath and watching the puffy white clouds as they change shape and move across the sky. I love bringing a favourite snack and drink to enjoy. I love to be on the lookout for interesting things to photograph. I love becoming engrossed in a book to make some of the time fly by.

And I love reaching the destination and the giddiness rising in me of all sorts of adventures lingering in the week ahead.

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