30 June 2014

Lucky Enough to be in the Mountains

A sign in our mountain home reads:

If you're lucky enough to be in the mountains, you're lucky enough.

I think that is what our motto of the week is going to be. We have been forced to recognize to go with the flow, in all circumstances and enjoy what we have.

After a much longer than anticipated drive to the mountains, we arrived at our gorgeous home perched on top of Scaly Mountain, North Carolina with a million dollar view (and probably a million dollar home). But we also discovered the home did not contain many of the items that were described online, notably, air conditioning, internet, and the right number of beds. We are rearranging and making due. Cell signal is also pretty scarce up here, except for Renee's phone and my phone. We are truly appreciating the scenery and nobody can spend hours browsing the Internet.

So we are taking the sign to heart considering the circumstances and reminding ourselves that we have a 200 degree view of mountains and a big wrap-around balcony to view them. It's amazing, really. The view from most windows is spectacular as well. Our situation isn't so bad. We have all our windows open and the mountain breezes come through the house.

So far it has been rather nice. The sun was out this morning and then fog rolled in and clouds covered the valley. A breeze blew the clouds up and we sat above the clouds until they eventually rose above us. And now the clouds sit just above us, hovering with a damp greyness that covers us from the hot sun. 

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