27 June 2014

The Secret's Out.....

Flowers bring cheerfulness, especially when they are given by dear friends.
Getting a new phone is fun. My old phone was a dinosaur. I have an iPhone now, which makes me a black sheep of my anti-Apple family, but joining the family of those in my life who love Apple. It's a torn world out there. You can't make everyone happy. Such deep thoughts care of my mobile phone.
 Rainy days are really lovely. It's on rainy days that I notice how much green surrounds the streets of my neighborhood. The dirt is getting washed away. The air is refreshed. I love the mossy green and the old trees soaking in the Summer rain.
Wearing colourful shoes is more fun. I mean, why not? Especially when it's Friday.

Writing about words is a passion of mine. I wrote a little article about my love of words last week, and posted it on the blog here but it was also published in Catapult Magazine! They even used my photo. Click here for the magazine issue on Words. Click here to go straight to my article.

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