11 June 2014

Hanging Out at Oxford Exchange

Welcome to my favourite spot around here. Oxford Exchange is in Tampa, about a 35-40 minute drive from me. Why is it a favourite spot of mine, you ask?

Well, if you put a bookstore, coffee bar, tea bar, restaurant serving local and organic foods, interesting shop, history, gorgeous architecture, and rich & classy design all under one roof, you've got Oxford Exchange. Plus, it's a great place to people-watch.

This place has my name written all over it. I love all the details. The white brick walls, the wood floors, the marble everywhere. I love all the glass and natural light and the wood paneled walls. I love the selection of books maintained in the bookshop and how they display the books. Simple but elegant dishes. High quality food and drink. I love the contrasting black and white floors. I love love love getting a lavender fog from the tea bar. And I love talking about tea with the tea baristas.

I tell you what- it has been blazingly hot lately, and we've had very little rain to cool off the days. So hanging out in one spot that's under one roof that has multiple enjoyable things to do is a good choice. Summer is something treasured by a great host of people because it means time off of school and beach time.

I will treasure Summer for the other elements. Quick drives to Tampa to visit Oxford Exchange (or other cool spots). Enjoying less traffic. Not getting sunburns because I don't sunbathe. Venturing to places far away for an adventure (like the mountains). Summer is not my season of most enjoyment, so I find delightful things that don't involve the heat and humidity as much.

I come to Oxford Exchange and begin my visit with a delicious breakfast scramble with a soy cappuccino in the restaurant. I am the only one sitting at a table writing in a journal. I think I am the only person sitting alone at all. What can I say -- I am a unique soul. For some reason my mind comes alive with words when I sit in a restaurant or coffee shop and I must let those words out on paper.

Oh happy day! What is your Summer hang out spot?

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