02 June 2014

Manual Snapshots

Here are some of my favourite prints taken with my 1975 Minolta SRT200 camera. These are just from my recent roll of film I had developed. I have learned a lot about capturing the right light, but I still need loads of practice. There is something magical about lining up a shot, taking a minute to focus, gathering enough light, and then hearing the click of the camera, and the manual progressing the film. In our digital day, taking time for a photo is more rare, but it is fun to dabble in the old fashioned kind of photography.

I've learned that it is not easy. The lighting has to be just right. The focus precise. The view correct. But the best things in life are worth the extra effort. I am not saying that these photos are the best things in life, but the thing is - I like these photographs more because they are thoughtful shots. And even though these last couple of photos have too much light leak, I actually like them. I like the muted tones and antique colours. It's not a point-and-shoot camera. It's a point-and-focus-and-check-and-adjust lighting-and-check-and-click camera.

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