25 June 2014

Lighten Up

Cheer up, my fiend. If you're having a rough day, you can start it over right now.
My little doctor pen wanted to pass that message along to you.
And also -- lighten up. I think it's telling me that.

I usually find myself in a state of gratefulness and thankfulness each day. I believe God has provided gifts in all moments of the day set-up as reminders of His love. No matter what we are given, there's a positive light to find. God wants to make something good out of something that might be less than dandy.

I try to see those gifts all day. To focus. To be inspired by the good things that God allows to unfold before my eyes.

But it's hard sometimes. Occasionally I feel frustrated from something going on that day or from something coming back from the past. How can I lighten up when hurt/frustration rise like waves returning to the shore?

The answer comes as a smile in my heart.
Laugh. Smile.
Always the things that evades me all too easily. And the things that stare me right in the face.

My super-detailed nature will kick into gear and steer my ship in that focused direction, sometimes by-passing the gentle lapping shoreline where I should be making a stop along the way. I need the reminder to pause. To laugh. It does me so much good.

I love this little doctor pen I have at my desk. My company exclusively works with doctors, so it's a very appropriate prop (which, funny enough, my chef friend Emily gave me), which I use as a reminder to lighten up. To laugh. To give thanks.

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