24 June 2014

A Note to Writers

Stop hesitating. Stop waiting until you feel you have something to write. Just get up and write. Write the words that float around in your head all day and all night. Write the story you meant to commit to memory. Write the words that sit on your heart and you are afraid to set on paper. Nobody is going to read it unless you open your journal to them.

Write what is on your mind and other thoughts will follow. Write about your surroundings and you will realize how much you start to notice about people and places. You will start paying attention to voices at the next table, textures on the floor, expressions on your friend's face, and the scent of the breeze.

Get over your fear of not having anything to say. If you don't sit down and write and practice you will never become better. The hardest part is putting your pen to page. That initial start is the challenge, but once your hand is moving, your mind easily fills the page, releasing all those words like a dam opening to prevent bursting.

Your mind is overflowing with words. It always has been. When you were younger you didn't understand why nobody else had the same eagerness to pick up a book and read or to pick up a pen and write. But there's a reason for that. You were made with this desire in your heart. Just like others are made with other desires to use in life. There are plenty of things you do not desire, such as speaking in front of people a lot or selling things. Writing is your desire.

To write because you love it, above all else. Not to make a living. Not to make money or become famous. But simply because you love it.

If there was no such thing as the Internet and no way to post writings for anyone to stumble upon, you know you would still write like this.

This desire was written on your heart. So keep it going. Don't lose or muffle your writing voice. Don't let a day go by without writing. And when you sit alone in a coffee shop writing, and others look at you with curious expressions, write about them. Use it as material to write about. Your 'being different' is part of God's unique creation and you are a piece of His lovely mosaic. 

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