23 June 2014

Studying Light

Studying the light
Focusing on that which is good, true, honest, and pure.

I just love the morning light in my office. The way is slices through the blinds leaving interesting shadows and patterns on the floor and wall. Natural light is such a comforting energizer for me. That may seem like an oxymoron to be comforted and energized at the same time, but it is possible. To come into the office and have a brightly lit office, not by a loud fluorescent bulb, but by the natural colours of the bright morning, or sometimes by the overcast morning if a rainstorm is coming. That is an inspiring environment that invokes an awake mind, which is what I need when I am going to work. A mind asleep doesn't do much good at the office.

I love the afternoon light in my home. The glowing rays of fading sunshine that glide through my windows and only linger for a few minutes before clouds and afternoon breezes change the light landscape. The colours in my home seem to change with the shifting light, always providing a new way of looking at my tiny space. I move a stack of books. I rearrange items on my coffee table. And it feels just right. A golden shaft of the deep light comes through my front windows and casts a glow on my pine floor, reaching all the way to the door. It is lovely, and makes me think of some poetic lines in my head. But it's also fading, like a rainbow does. Each time you look at it, it grows a little bit dimmer, until eventually it is too faint to see anymore. Only the memory remains.

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