04 June 2014

He is

He is mighty
I am small
He's the ruler of it all

He is tender
I am cold
He makes the sky unfold

He is the light
I give into fear
I forget that He is always near

He is love expanding
I build up a wall
His grace and mercy covers it all

There are many times when I feel small. When spending time in nature I sure do, especially when I am in the presence of something grand, like mountains, waterfalls, or an ocean. The tiny bits of God's creation that we can see at a time is all that we can handle, and even that is vast and amazing. In a sliver of night sky we can see millions of stars and possibly a planet or two and we can scarcely imagine the size and power of their presence.

I don't think our smallness makes us less important. It actually makes us more important. Why would God create a seemingly endless universe that stretches far beyond what our strongest telescopes can reach? Why would He create the variety of nature, landscapes, and our creative imaginations if He didn't truly love us with vigor? God wants us to be in His creation to explore, discover, and enjoy. It doesn't ever get boring. He didn't slap a slipshod generic stamp on our universe. He made it intricate - full of puzzles to give our insatiable curiosities a place to roam, wander, and muse upon. There is always something new to us.

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