18 June 2014

Darling Parents

The Summer season holds a lot of days that bring Dad to the forefront of my mind. Father's Day was this past weekend. His birthday is a month away. The anniversary of his passing is two months after that (it will be five years). And anytime I come across freshly cut grass I think of him because he owned a lawn maintenance business for so many years and Summer was always the busiest season. He would walk through the house to the shower, leaving a scent of grass and gasoline.

My Mum sent me this photo of her and Dad at Disney World back around 1974. Cinderella's Castle is behind them. They look so darling, I love it. Of course this is before any of us four children came along.

On Father's Day, I started my morning with a cup of good coffee (locally roasted beans, ground fresh by me, and brewed) and reading a few chapters from the Psalms. I grew into a reflective, thankful mood. After reading, I suddenly set my Bible aside and said in my head --

I miss you Dad. I love you.
And tears immediately filled my eyes.
It doesn't really matter that it was Father's Day. Pretty much any time I am alone and reflective about Dad in heaven the tears tend to well up.

I won't get too sentimental on you but I will say how thankful I am for being raised by such loving parents. I am blessed to have Mum to hang out and laugh with, and I am able to reflect on the wisdom, love, kindness, and generosity of my Dad. If I grow sad and emotional I know it is just part of the loss. The crummy part of living here on earth is that we have to deal with loss and keep on going. No time will be able to change the loss. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand. But I know it is okay. With God, everything is going to be okay. This is not the end of all things.
God's in charge -- always.
All is well.
And all shall be well.

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